The President’s Delegates

At the University of St.Gallen, five President’s Delegates are in charge of the fields of Public Programmes, Quality Development, University Development, Executive Education, Exchange Programmes, and Responsibility and Sustainability.

The President’s Delegates advise the University Executive in their respective fields. Within the President’s Board’s delegation of competence, they are responsible for the steering and further development of individual remits or issues. In international terms, their function is comparable with that of an "Associate Dean".

Prof. Dr. Judith Walls is the President's Delegate for Responsibility and Sustainability, Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger is the Delegate for Quality Development. Prof. Dr. Florian Wettstein is the President's Delegate responsible for the Public Programme of the University of St.Gallen. Prof. Ph.D. Winfried Ruigrok is the President's Delegate for University Development and Executive Education.